THROWBACK THURSDAY: A Bands And Brews Session With Jillette Johnson
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 10, 2017

    • Posted by: Jake Holzman

    If ever there was a talented singer/songwriter and pianist who deserves your attention, it's Jillette Johnson. Her new album, All I Ever See in You Is Me, came out on July 21, and she just put out an awesome new video for her chill-inducing track "Flip A Coin." In other words, she's the perfect artist for this week's Throwback Thursday!

    A few years back, shortly after the release of her excellent debut album, Water in a Whale, Jillette Johnson stopped by to play an intimate Bands And Brews session for us, and everyone was taken aback by the sheer power of her voice, as well as the painful honesty in her lyrics. When she belts out in the chorus of "Pauvre Coer," one of her very best confessional heartbreak songs, her vocal delivery is just too passionate and hard-hitting to be ignored. Before playing the song, Johnson explained that she thinks music should give people "the full scope" of a relationship, rather than just the happy, idealistic moments. "It's insane to think that you're going to get married to somebody and live with them for the rest of your lives, and you only want to listen to songs about how much you love them," she said. "So this is for all the lovers out there."

    If "Pauvre Coer" isn't proof enough that Jillette Johnson is an such an observational songwriter that no aspect of intimacy or relationships is outside of her lyrical capabilities, listen closely to the song "Basset Hound," which is literally, as Johnson herself explained, "about stalking someone." But Johnson isn't a one-topic songwriter: there's also songs like "Cameron," a song that is as much a vivid portrait of bullying as it is an affectionate tribute to an loved one. "These days the world is full of aliens," Johnson sings, "but you are a human, a real live human, aren't you Cameron?"

    Jillette Johnson's music is grand, moving, and insightful. After you watch this set, you could very well walk away from it convinced that the world is a little warmer than it was before you hit play.

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