P!nk Questions the State of the World With Optimistic Single 'What About Us'
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 10, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    P!nk has just released "What About Us," the first single from her forthcoming album Beautiful Trauma which is set to be released later this year on October 13. The album will be her first in five years; The Truth About Love, her most recent album, was released in 2012. "What About Us" was written by P!nk herself, Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid, and Steve Mac, the producer of the song. The single, although it was just released, already sounds primed to be a ubiquitous, uplifting pop anthem.

    "What About Us" is well-constructed, starting simply with a ballad-like piano and P!nk's recognizable, powerful voice singing uplifting lyrics like "We are searchlights, we can see in the dark/We are rockets, pointing up at the stars/We are billions of beautiful hearts." When the chorus hits, the sound grows as a driving drum beat kicks in. The second verse is quiet and simple like the first, and after the second chorus the song reaches its peak, breaking down into a rhythmically upbeat extension of the chorus. The overall lyrical theme seems to be P!nk's questioning the state of the world, as she asks "What about us? What about all the plans the ended in disaster? What about love? What about trust?"

    Overall, "What About Us" is a pretty typical anthemic pop song. Nothing about it is particularly new or innovative, but you can't underestimate the power of a well-made pop song with an easily understood, positive message. I can already hear it going through a cycle of ubiquitous radio play before ending up on thousands of heartfelt powerpoint presentations, all the while instilling in millions that "sticks and stones may break these bones, but then I'll be ready." Whether or not I consciously choose to, I'll probably be listening to this song on repeat for quite a while.

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