Alice Glass' New Single 'Without Love' is Both Intriguing and Unsettling
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 10, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    Alice Glass, former lead singer of Crystal Castles, just released a new single "Without Love." The single follows her debut as a solo artist in 2015 with the single "Stillbirth." True to form, "Without Love" is equal parts sinister, pop-influenced, and lyrically heavy. Alice Glass wrote and produced this latest single with the help of HEALTH's Jupiter Keyes.

    The track starts with a detuned synth and bass that set the dark tone for the whole song. After the brief intro, trap-like drums come in, shrouded in ominous layers of synths and Alice's syrupy sweet voice singing questions like "Am I worth it or am I worthless? And will I ever figure it out?" In the chorus, Alice sets up an unsettling contradiction by setting her dark, foreboding lyrics, "How are you gonna lie about me now? I see you watching me from underground," against melodically and rhythmically catchy and satisfying phrases.

    In an interview with Thump, Alice Glass talked briefly about her upcoming debut album, saying "I knew how I wanted things to sound early on, sinister and sweet, but it's evolved now," and that the most surprising part of it would probably be "that you can hear my voice clearly." Both of these can be clearly heard on this new single. Her voice, although sort of whispery at times, is clear and up front in "Without Love." And "sinister and sweet" is a perfect description for what makes this song both intriguing and unsettling. The song pulls you in with deceptively catchy melodies that juxtapose dark harmonies and lyrics, and creates an overall interesting soundscape that's hard to step away from.

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