Rita Ora and Chris Brown Collab On New Track
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 10, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    It seems like generic pop doesnt stop being produced, and for me and most of the world, that can be a blissful and enjoyable thing. With so much pop music perfunctorily produced and written, it seems like there are only a few times a year where one can find a diamond in the top 40 rough. While Rita Ora and Chris Brown's new single isn't exactly that type of rare gem, it definitely serves the purpose of catchy, sensual pop. With the wildly utilized drum beat extracted from European house music, "Body on Me" is both sexy and controlled. Though not a deviation from the oversimplified style of popular music, there's something still intriguing about this track.

    Rita Ora, the voice of 2014 hit "I Will Never Let You Down", is nothing short of a 21st century pop star. She's got a big yet subdued cadence in her voice with an elegant tone that is easily identified. The new track is a duet between her and Chris Brown, talking pretty explicitly about giving into sexual temptation. Though Brown is not the most respected artist in the business, for numerous reasons, their voices together intertwine in a provocative manner; turning this pop duet into something a little out of the ordinary. With so much over-saturated pop exhausting our eardrums, it's nice to hear something more mellow and passionate being produced, even if it's simultaneously just as vapid.

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