Ultra British Mania: Get Ready for the Music of the Olympics Closing Ceremony
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2012

    • Posted by: Andrew Gruttadaro

    Presumably when London was vying to host the Olympics, they used their immensely rich and deep musical history as leeway. And for good reason -- the UK gave us The Beatles and Rolling Stones in the 60s, the punk and new wave movements in the 80's, and now they're at the forefront of indie and pop music with groups like the XX and singers like Adele. So would you expect the closing ceremonies of the London Olympics to be anything but music-centric? The ceremony is being called "A Symphony of British Music" and director David Arnold (scorer of many a James Bond movies and Sherlock) has confirmed that it will feature 4,100 performers, and as many as 30 musical acts. Arnold also admitted that he devised the lineup by going through The Guinness Book of Hit Singles from 1956 onwards. If you thought Danny Boyle's opening ceremony was an extravaganza, just wait until Sunday night.

    Your mind must be racing right now -- running through 56 years of British music, trying to figure out who's gonna make an appearance. The Cure? Maybe Bloc Party? The options are basically endless. We at Baeble know that this is all a lot to take in, so to trim down the guessing game and make things a bit easier, we thought we'd break down who's been confirmed to perform and who's more than likely going to perform. Just for you. And for fun, we threw in some of our own wishes -- that more than likely will not pan out.


    A couple that you probably already knew -- Blur and Muse. Blur were long ago confirmed to reunite for one special Olympics-ending performance, which led them to release two new songs, "Under The Westway" and "The Puritan." And after all, the Muse song "Survival" was written for the Olympics, so obviously they'll be there anthem-ing along.

    Now here's where things get exciting: the Spice Girls (!) have been photographed rehearsing for the ceremonies. In other throwback confirmations, George Michael has been tweeting like crazy (or maybe, desperately) about his involvement, while The Pet Shop Boys, The Who, Ray Davies of The Kinks, and Elton John have all been pretty much confirmed as well. Also, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran hasn't been shy about confirming that he will be performing with members of Pink Floyd.

    Some more contemporary confirmations include Tinie Tempah, Jessie J, and Annie Lennox. And in random-but-awesome news, Monty Python's Eric Idle and the less awesome Russell Brand will be there performing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" from Life of Brian.


    This is where things really get out of control. See if you can stay with us, from huge to just British. It's likely that Paul McCartney will make another appearance and bust out a Beatles hit, and that Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones will be right behind him. Meanwhile, The Clash, members of Queen, and Adele are all pretty likely. Liam Gallagher may be there, though it's unclear whether his bro and the rest of Oasis will join him. And it seems probable that the Brit-recluse Kate Bush will perform her eerie "Running Up That Hill," based on the fact that Amazon.com accidentally posted a remix of the song set to be released on August 12, the day of the ceremony. And then there are the UK faves Kaiser Chiefs, Robbie Williams' Take That, Madness, Fatboy Slim, and Elbow that are rumored to perform.

    And if all of that didn't get your blood pumping, a performance from One Direction is all but confirmed.

    Hoping For (Probably In Vain)

    Alright, let's get this out of our systems -- we want some holograms. Some names that come to mind are John Lennon, George Harrison -- not for Beatles-sake, but so we can see him do this -- Freddie Mercury, Sid Vicious, and Amy Winehouse (although it may too soon). Speaking of Sid Vicious, it's hard to think of influential British music without thinking of the Sex Pistols. Then again, we couldn't really imagine the remaining members playing "God Save the Queen" right in front of Elizabeth II, so that's more of a wish. As for other comeback/reunions we've been dreaming of, how about we get Lily Allen to come out of hiding for a little "LDN," and while we're at it, can't we get Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones to play some Led Zeppelin tunes? And one more band that can never not be in the British excellence conversation -- Radiohead. I mean, it'd be very Radiohead of Radiohead to skirt this huge spectacle, but this just won't feel complete without them. Do it for the homeland, boys!

    So now that you've done your homework, hunker down and get ready to watch what will definitely be the most absurd, all-over-the-place production the Olympics has ever seen.

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