Grimes, Wild Nothing, and DIIV Take the Hudson
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2012

    • Posted by: Andrew Gruttadaro

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    For one night, the Hudson riverside became Williamsburg's proxy as Hudson River Park's RiverRocks hosted a show featuring DIIV, Wild Nothing, and Grimes. With DIIV and Wild Nothing leaning more towards the new wave indie scene as opposed to Grimes' electro avant-gardism, Pier 84 was packed with a wide, wide array of hipsters. But there were no indie-cult wars here -- good music is good music.

    As the rain held out and the USS Intrepid lit up in red, white, and blue DIIV took the stage. The Beach Fossils offshoot, kicked the night off with their bass-heavy, Real Estate-in-the-shadows songs and acted as a natural segue for Jack Tatum and Wild Nothing. With an album release approaching, Wild Nothing mixed up their set with recognizable Gemini tracks and unheard newbies. But everything was trademark Wild Nothing, shimmering guitars, minor endings, and all that. Bandleader Tatum had said in multiple interviews that Wild Nothing, which began as a solo project, had really taken on the life of a full-band effort, and that was on display here. Nothing about the band seemed like a solo act as they let every song breathe and stretch out -- everything was tight and collaborative.

    But without a doubt, it was Grimes' night. The tiny, silver-haired singer walked on stage unassumingly, greeted the crowd, and got to work behind a long table full of looping equipment, pedals, and keyboards. Most of the show resembled her "Oblivion" video -- awkward and strange but ridiculously charming and cool. It was hard to tell exactly what Claire Boucher was doing at that table of electronics, but whatever it was it got the audience moving. The obvious highlights of the completely solo set were singles "Oblivion" -- which Boucher remixed into a bit of dubstep -- and "Genesis." After a seven-song set that included the Blood Diamonds-collabo "Phone Sex," Grimes claimed she was out of songs before scrambling and ending set with a new, yet-to-be-finished track. Presumably, Boucher then remembered another song, because she came back for a one-song encore rendition of "Nightmusic." After the song finished, Grimes anticlimactically told the audience, "I like shows. I like playing outside. Bye!" I guess it wouldn't be a true Grimes show if she didn't make everyone feel a little uncomfortable.

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