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    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 10, 2010

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    My Morning Jacket is hard at work recording a new album in their hometown of Louisville, KY. Frontman Jim James recently told Rolling Stone that the album will likely be out "mid-next year - probably May."

    James said they have five songs done so far, and plan on about another month of recording. This is the band's first time making a record in their hometown, and they're recording as live as possible, with nothing overdubbed except "maybe strings." And to shake it up more they're recording in a church, but that doesn't seem like such a far-out choice for a studio given that the band's been known to record in grain silos.

    Since the release of Evil Urges in 2008 the members of MMJ have been doing a lot on their own, but the fans have been antsy for a follow up. There are still a few months to wait, but you can buff up on what you've forgotten about their old stuff when they play all five of their past albums at New York's Terminal 5. Or if you don't feel inclined to pay up to see MMJ five times, I guess you can just listen to all of 'em at home. Not quite as cool though. -selden paterson

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