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    • MONDAY, AUGUST 10, 2009

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    Chairlift at last year's After the Jump Fest

    Don't you just love the internet? Home of LOLcats, Twitter, Gawker, StumbleUpon, XKCD, PostSecret, Netflix, everything perfectly inane and perfectly wonderful, every possible methodology to relentlessly stalk the object of your affections, broadcast carefully nurtured narcissism into the great fiberoptic unknown, and pretend to be in touch with the real world while never looking away from your MacBook. But there is one beloved commodity that the internet has become infinitely useful for. (No, not that commodity.) Music! Sites like Pitchfork, Stereogum, Grooveshark, HypeMachine, Pandora, and your obvious favorite, BaebleMusic, do our best to keep your snazzy iPods pumping with awesome new tunes, while the tireless denizens of the blogosphere keep fighting the good fight on an individual level. Well, readers, once upon a time, the internet decided that it's just plain unhealthy to never leave your house, so it's devised ways to make you go out and play. Forum meetups gave way to flash mobs, spontaneous parades, and of course, festivals. Taking a cue from Pitchfork Fest, the bloggers are once again taking matters into their own hands and bringing you the third annual After the Jump Fest. More info...after the jump.

    The good folks at poptartssucktoasted, softcommunication, themusicslut, etc, curated quite the lineup. Friday kicks off with lo-fi popkids Holiday Shores, tropical beats of Javelin, and a DJ set by Mr. F of Tally Hall. Saturday boasts the raucous Man Man-sounding Wild Yaks, psych-pop Drink Up Buttercup, catchy summer gem Free Energy, and Das Racist who brought us the hilarious "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell," which instantly gets stuck in your head, gets you dancing, and makes you both hungry and vaguely nauseous. Sunday keeps it going with O'Death side project Blood Warrior, endearing Hospitality and Acrylics, and seasonal favorite Suckers close out the day with their anthemic harmonies. Plus, there are a ton of other bands, guest DJs, and snacks. Ready for the best part? The whole shebang will only cost you $25 (about the price of a single show at Highline or Webster) or $10 a day if you don't want to make the commitment. It's a pretty sweet deal, since you've probably already blown all your summer job money on bigger festivals/rooftop party benefits/heaps of organic gelato. The three day festival will be held at Littlefield on the last weekend of August (29th 30th) and is all ages.

    The internet has done it again! Don't miss this great occasion to drink local microbrews, have thrift store threads screen printed with something super ironic, get the jump on all your Facebook friends by blogging about listening to cool blog-worthy bands before they hit blog-overexposure (whoa...meta), grab summer by the balls and yell "You're not going anywhere! Brooklyn never say die." - Nina Mashurova

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