Passion Pit's 'Tremendous Sea Of Love' Raises Awareness For Mental Health
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 01, 2017

    • Posted by: Kelly Kenlon

    We may not have realized it back then, but all of Passion Pit's albums have had something to do with mental health. Whether the album was dealing with love, loss, or Michael Angelakos' struggle with bipolar disorder - it was always there. The change with this latest album, Tremendous Sea of Love, is that now Angelakos is not only becoming outspoken about mental health, but he is constantly advocating for it. That's actually how this album first got out to the public. A few months back, Angelakos said he would release the album to anyone who used the hashtag #weneedscience, which is now also his name on Twitter.

    Sonically, the entire album features Passion Pit's typical electronic beats and screaming falsettos. The song "Somewhere Up There" feels more like a long stream of consciousness more than anything else, as it doesn't have a defined chorus or structure. The major takeway from this album though, is the lyrical content.

    In "Hey K," we see Angelakos opening up about the relationships in his life. Arguably the most important point of this song is when Angelakos utters the words "Love is the answer and the one design, such a simple design, holy architecture." Like a lot of the songs on the album, the theme here is surrounding love and forgiveness, this time directly to Angelakos' former spouse. It's heartbreaking, deeply personal, and wildly honest as we watch Angelakos deal with his personal struggles, always coming back to the idea of unconditional love.

    "We know what we need, clear and immediately, a love concrete, spelling it out on the street," he sings in "Undertow," one of the most important lyrics on the entire album. Music is what saved Angelakos, and it's also what destroyed him, creating instability, needing something concrete.

    These heavy, dark lyrics aren't anything new for Passion Pit, however in the past they've been dressed up -- disguised in colorful synths and catchy hooks that make you want to dance more than you want to think. Now, it's all stripped away and the message is in the forefront. Michael Angelakos is no longer trying to hide.

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