GEAR TALK TUESDAY: El-P Takes Us Through His Creational Process
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 01, 2017

    • Posted by: Peter Hammel

    Diving through the depths of YouTube, I found a video of El-P taking us through his creational process with a Korg R3 Synth. I know this reflects more of his craft process than a full demonstration of the gear and that it is rather aged, but it concisely demonstrates El's ease of ingenuity not only as a producer but as a musician. The resulting instrumental became the basis for Cage's "Nothing Left To Say". To this day (well, back in March) El said that his album I'll Sleep When You're Dead (which was created around the time this Korg video was made) is his only solo album that he can listen to without wanting to change, which makes sense with tracks like this:

    Before Run The Jewels, there was El-P's successful solo career. Cancer 4 Cure, I'll Sleep When You're Dead, and the epic Fantastic Damage are all stellar albums. Even before El-P's solo career was Company Flow with El, Bigg Jus, and Mr. Len. Company Flow's Funcrusher Plus is a hip hop masterpiece, stuffed with inventive instrumentals by El and a large handful of dangerous verses. That album turned 20 years old the other week, and here's my favorite track that demonstrates El's unique production and rapping abilities.

    It'd be unfair to encapsulate El-P as a rapper/producer. He's a musician and composer, and one of the greatest ones at that.

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