Mr. Rogers Remixed
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 01, 2012

    • Posted by: Jean Lee

    There are people who say, and I assume think, that Mr. Rogers was the first hipster. Aside from the fact that I dont think anyone really knows what that means, I have to disagree with the Facebook group and pictures on Tumblr. I mean, come on, Allen Ginsberg and the beat generation? Regardless, Mr. Rogers was an inspiration to many and made many happy to be in the neighborhood. The neighborhood has grown since the days of digital media and media sharing (so much connection). In commemoration, PBS has made a remix of Mr. Rogers clips.

    I know, you're probably furrowing your eyebrows and asking the computer rhetorical questions, but I can imagine my six-year-old self hitting replay. Fine, my twenty-year-old self hit replay, too but it was for this article. Really!

    But, I mean, who doesnt like Mr. Rogers? Anyway, here you go. A good old public television treat.

    P.S. Heres a bonus. An extremely positive remix exemplifying Bob Ross positivity. I'm still wondering how he did that with, like, two colors, too.

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