Album Review: Jamie Woon
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 01, 2011

    • Posted by: Michael Washington

    On his arrival last year, Jamie Woon seemed poised to make usefulness of the same minimalistic aesthetics that catapulted The XX and James Blake to stardom. His woozy single Night Air accompanied by a even darker Burial remix gave notion that Woon—a Brit School alumnus—was of dubstep origin. On his debut album Mirrorwriting though, those beliefs get quickly sent off. More than anything else, Jamie Woon is a pop artist. Pop in the sense of old school R&B stylings mixed with electronic effects of today. His sound forms a sort of happy medium between mainstream and underground type music—utilizing sub-bass frequencies in his production but never letting it be the main focal point. Where artists like James Blake and Jamie Woon differ, is that the aforementioned type use their vocals to merely add to the more highly stressed bass productions, where as Woon uses his beautiful voice to take center stage on his songs and never let go of the spotlight.

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