thats a wrap: last weeks shoots
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 01, 2008

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    Photos by Stefanie Giglio

    We've got our hands busy here, runnning around with our video cameras in tow as we venture to the far corners of the tri-state. Last Sunday brought us out to the country-side scenery of Connecticut, where we saw kyaking for a cause, pleasant weather, and a set from soul rocker Ryan Shaw. Then it was back to the big city for a more traditional, yet equally as exciting stint at The Knitting Factory with world music's Extra Golden.

    Ryan Shaw

    Though we don't always do flip-flops and polos here in New York, we adjusted for Ryan Shaw's set, and the show was lots of fun. It's amazing how adventurous you can get with a camera and a boat... although occasionally the two don't mix well. Luckily our crew survived.

    Extra Golden

    Then back in New York, Extra Golden reminded us of the music Paul Simon once imitated and Vampire Weekend pop-a-fied. Opening act Icy Demons surprised us with an energetic and unique set.

    Icy Demons

    Catch the action when the videos premiere on Baeble. For more photos from Tuesday night's shoot, click here and here. - joe puglisi

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