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    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 01, 2007

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    Don’t let the name fool you. The Perishers, who hail from Umeå, Sweden, are not some kind of Nordic black metal band. The quartet, consisting of Pehr Åström, Martin Gustafson, Thomas Hedlund, and Ola Klüft, is much more likely to woo its audiences with its melodic, guitar-driven indie pop.

    On their newest album, Victorious, these pop tendencies are put to good use. From the summery, Fountains-of-Wayne-ish “Carefree” to the infinitely hummable la-da-das of “Is It Over Now?” the band provides a listening experience that is often catchy, but never boring. Though the general tone of the album may be a bit bittersweet — on the second track, Klüft sings “I’m sure we’ll grow, but we’ll never bloom again” — the songs never wallows in clichés. KEEP READING - Claire Orpeza

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