Ducktails Are Ready to Step Out of Real Estate's Shadow
    • THURSDAY, JULY 09, 2015

    • Posted by: CJ Harvey

    I think I might have just discovered the least cliche indie pop music video on the internet. Ducktails' "Surreal Exposure" video with Real Estate's Matt Mondanile featuring Mac DeMarco is one of the most entertaining videos Ive seen in quite some time.

    The two created an abstract love story that starts off with Mondanile sitting in a car with binoculars outside of DeMarco's house. Once he works up the courage to knock on the front door, Mondanile is hilariously greeted by a pleasantly strange DeMarco who welcomes him inside. The originally awkward interactions between the two become less and less forced, and before the two and a half minute video is over, Mondanile and DeMarco have already gone boating, played with a cactus, and showered together.

    The entire storyline appears to mock how ridiculous and unrealistic most modern Hollywood relationships and dates are presented. As for the song itself, "Surreal Exposure" is dreamy and polished. It is, well, everything you could possibly hope for in a pop song/video combination. The video is simple and quirky, without being an exhausted topic or remotely expected.

    Ducktails has been Matt Mondanile's solo project for nearly the last decade, and "Surreal Exposure" is just a taste of what is in store from the full album St. Catherine which is out later in the month.

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