Destroyer Mesmerizes With 'Girl In A Sling'
    • THURSDAY, JULY 09, 2015

    • Posted by: Alana Solin

    Destroyer's video for "Girl In A Sling" matches the song's quiet, hypnotic nature. Dan Bejar sits in dim lighting before the camera, the rest of the shot completely doused in darkness. The video then flips through clips of abandoned-looking, boarded up houses then to photos of those houses being developed in a darkroom, the pale light of the former images contrasting dramatically against the shadows of the latter.

    The video is shot so we see the houses from the street in complete stillness, never exploring their insides. The shots of the darkroom, on the other hand, focus upon details and movement. Because of this, a clear dichotomy is created between the ghostly houses and the living.

    This video focuses on the stagnancy of these empty houses, the slow decay of what used to be homes and now are merely hollow shells. The photos we see being taken further the motionlessness that this video has already focused upon. The viewers are "sifting through the remains", as Bejar puts it in the song, of someone else's life; we are examining these relics as if under a microscope. Through this video, we explore the tundra of abandonment and isolation through the ruins of these houses, which may still be standing but in fact have already collapsed.

    Destroyer's album Poison Season will be released on August 28th.

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