Whoops! Good Day New York Forgot to Censor DMX
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 09, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    TV news reporters are currently on high alert for rogue "F*ck her right in the p*ssy" bombers, but Good Day New York proved that newscasters are in fact their own worst enemies in their quest for sterile censorship during yesterday's show. During a segment where hosts Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly play an unimaginative form of "Name That Tune", the show's producers decided to hit them with a wildcard — DMX's 2000 banger anthem "Party Up (Up In Here)". Luckily for us, they didn't realize that after his opening hook, DMX hits listeners with the gentle gesture "Suck my dick!" Their panicked reaction is priceless...

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