Buy Juggalo Jelly Flavored with Faygo
    • TUESDAY, JULY 09, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    We all know Etsy to be the home of quirky and creative hand-mades, as well as a great source for finding some truly absurd musical fan-art. Recently, while hunting for a few examples of this faux merch, I stumbled upon something magical. On a whim, I typed "Insane Clown Posse" into the Etsy search bar, and too my surprise, the site didn't explode into millions of flower pedals and bits of yarn. It did, however, yield a bizarre assortment of edibles - or actually, they're more like spreadables.

    If you weren't aware, Insane Clown Posse's massive sub-cultural army of Midwestern gypsies, the Juggalos, consume a special sugary elixir called Faygo. It's a super-cheap soft drink that their messiahs regularly spray into the audience during their shows. This brings us back to Etsy, where an artisanal "shop" called magicplanet is making homemade jelly out of this sugary crap. If I'm not mistaken, the processes of making jelly and jam involves fruit, and I'm not particularly sure what type of "fruit" flavor is present in the Faygo favorite Red Pop. But then again, ICP has seen their fair share of miracles...

    First magnets, now Faygo jam?! We can only imagine what's next.

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