Bear Mountain Supplies Dance-Drenched Indie Pop at Hype Hotel
    • TUESDAY, JULY 09, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Photo By Jesse DeFlorio

    Upon hearing Vancouver-based Bear Mountain's debut record XO, we were elevated by the throwback industrial, electronic textures that were being arranged alongside a truly unique vocal resonance. It wasn't until we witnessed their live performance down in Austin at Hype Hotel that we realized it wasn't only frontman Ian Bevis soothing our ears with vocal timbre, but it was a complementary combo of himself and drummer Greg Bevis. Identical twins in stereo; it's as wild to watch as it is to hear.

    When performed in a live setting, the combination of these unique elements evolves into a genre-less musical experience that will nourish the ears of any listener. Luckily, we have this footage to share from The Syndicate's Conflict of Interest party held at Hype Hotel.

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