rumors swirl around mysterious video
    • FRIDAY, JULY 09, 2010

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    A few days ago, this video started making its rounds on the internet. And so the rumor mill began running overtime.
    The video appears to be announcing some sort collaboration between the likes of Motion City Soundtrack, Cute is What We Aim For, Hit The Lights, Emarosa, and Baeble favorites fun. What could such scene heavyweights as these possibly have to do with each other? Never fear, Baeble's on the case.

    Let's start with the facts: The video is announcing something "coming soon to a screen near you" featuring the aforementioned bands. It gives a date of 7/12/10 (next Monday). The video was released by something called "Colossus Promotions" (which it would have to be to feature bands of this caliber like it does). Alternative Press has confirmed it is not a tour.

    Now, the speculation: The comments on Strike Gently are as helpful (RE: mean) as they always are ("Why does Jonny Craig have Down Syndrome in this video?"), so I'm not going to trust anything they're saying. I tweeted @ Andrew Dost of fun. asking about it, to which he responded "I have no idea." Then again, Andrew wasn't in the video, it was just Nate Ruess representing the band. But you'd have to assume that the whole band would know something about something this big (at least as big as they're making it out to be). One of the video's tags is "FOB", a well known acronym for "Fall Out Boy". Perhaps Pete Wentz has something to do with it? Although he already has a new project entitled The Bl4ck C4rds [Ed. note: UGHnbelievable. Pete "MIA" Wentz over here.]. Maybe "FOB" stands for something else. Maybe I'm reading too much into this. So what is it? A tour movie or DVD of some sorts? A collaboration? Or since Andrew doesn't know anything, could it just be a big hoax? I guess we'll find out more on Monday. In the mean time, feel free to speculate amongst the comments. -hanna kasper

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