rumor mill: track list leaks for forthcoming kanye record
    • FRIDAY, JULY 09, 2010

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    The blogs are a buzzing this NEVER-ENDING FRIDAY (right?) about Kanye West and the Good Ass Job track list leaking... or is it even called that anymore?

    Some of the tracks we've heard, like "Power" and "So Appalled". Some of the other rumors, like the Wicked sample from "Popular", remain shrouded in mystery. We need to get some Scooby Doo up on this Ye.

    There is just no way to know if this is legitimate, so enjoy the rumors, courtesy of CoS. The leak also reports that the title of the album has been changed to Record For Hype, which wouldn't surprise me, but would really ruin a bunch of parallel Kanye/life trajectory papers I was thinking of writing but then got distracted by Top Chef for two years. Oh well.-joe puglisi


    Rumored Tracklist:
    01. Hell Of A Life
    02. Dark Fantasy
    03. Power (produced by Dwele)
    04. Chain Heavy
    05. Ghetto University
    06. That's My B*tch
    07. Runaway
    08. Lost In The World
    09. Gorgeous
    10. Monster (feat. Rick Ross)
    11. Holding Me Back
    12. Devil In A New Dress
    13. The Joy
    14. So Appalled
    15. Blame Game
    16. Sweat On My Face

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