new feature: young knives
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 09, 2008

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    Years after Bloc Party made singing in British accents scene, many acts like the Knives are dismissed before they start, simply because they don’t screech like Health or No Age. Noise rock is the new chic, and instead of who can write the best foot stomping dance pop rock tune, the challenge has become: who can freak us out more with their eccentricities. Even straight pop seems to be out of its mind lately. MIA made one of the best records of 2007 and retired. Groups like Foals emerge from the ether and become huge overnight, even though they seem to be more like a one-bleep-trick pony than able to write a real pop number. And guess who found the boys from Foals and brought them to the attention of an Oxford label? The Knives did. ..Keep Reading.. -joe puglisi

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