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    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 09, 2008

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    I love Iceland. Any country famous for it's daringly unique music has my vote. From singer/professional weirdo Bjork to legendary epic balladeers Sigur Ros, the roster is awe-inspiring. One such juggernaut of musicality, though less known, is a grizzly looking chap named Mugison.Trading laptops and synth pads for more raw ingredients like guitars, horns, and the organ, Icelands very own Jack-of-all-genres returns to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants to. Sometimes he wants to riff a bluesy foot-thumper with a twinge of distortion. Sometimes he wants to scream as loud as he can over confusion and chaos. Sometimes he wants to moan "Jesus." One thing he never wants to do, however is bore us. Welcome to forty minutes of anything but the expected...Keep Reading.. -joe puglisi

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