Traveling to Stonehenge with Ripple Green
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 08, 2015

    • Posted by: CJ Harvey

    Raised in Oklahoma, but currently travelling the world has led to quite an eclectic development for trio Ripple Green. Needless to say, the groups catchy rock vibes shine through in their newest single "Timepiece." The recent video release for "Timepiece" takes place in Stonehenge during Summer Solstice while the guys are surrounded by hundreds of late night party people. We caught up with the band to discuss what it was like filming a video at Stonehenge and traveling across the world.

    The video for "Timepiece" shows you guys playing and partying at Stonehenge during Summer Solstice. It looks like a great time, and I was wondering how it was to film in that environment? Do you have any stories from that shooting?

    Ripple Green: The idea to film the video at Stonehenge came only a few days before Summer Solstice. With no idea what we were in store for, we boarded a train that was filled to capacity with partying people, and were greeted by a man wearing a giant Native American headdress. By the time we had made it to Stonehenge, Joel had already been thrown up on by a stranger. The environment of the night resembled that of a music festival, being able to film allowed us to catch the ruckus filled celebration and atmosphere that continued all through the night, from people brave enough to dance upon the stones, to the giant drum circle that ensued just after sunrise.

    For the video you worked with Guardians of the Galaxy videographer Steven Denyer. How was it working with him? How did you guys link up?

    We got his name through a mutual friend and met him in London on a type of creative blind date. Denyer had just finished working on Guardians of the Galaxy and was looking for a new project so it was a perfect fit.

    You guys are friends since the time that you were in kindergarten together. How has it been working with people you grew up with? Did you grow up liking the same type of music? Have your influences changed over the years?

    I think anyone who grows up in a small town from the Midwest/South understands the type of loyalty that comes from growing up in that environment. By now, we are like brothers so making music together is second nature. We all grew out of different households that had different music playing. Joel with Bluegrass, Lucas with the sounds of the British Invasion, and Tremaine with classical. However, first playing music we all bonded on the musical tastes of Punk and Funk. Through the years our musical scope has shifted, allowing new influences and ideas to take hold, all while keeping in our minds the creative freedom and expression that came with just being young kids with no other agendas except making our music together.

    Being from Oklahoma, how was it to tour Europe? Was that your first time going over and doing something like that? Did it inspire any songs?

    The feeling of space was a great shift for us when we toured in the UK. The ability to travel seamlessly throughout the countries via public transportation allowed us to feel and operate like musical vagabonds.
    Two songs on the project were directly inspired by our time overseas, "Timepiece" and "Marble Arch." "Timepiece" started out as a projection of longing for the sun. Particularly the sun of Oklahoma but it soon turned into an account of how everyone's lives revolve around another person over time.
    "Marble Arch" was inspired from Easter that we spent in London. That year the holiday fell on what has become a counterculture holiday in itself, 4/20. As we all exited the tube at Marble Arch station, directly across the road at Hyde Park there were thousands of people celebrating the latter of these holidays. This was the seed for the lyrics, "You defy the Marble Arch" that led to the development of the song.

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