The Delta Soul of Anderson East
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 08, 2015

    • Posted by: CJ Harvey

    Anderson East is redefining the concept of constructing a genre based on dozens of wildly different musical influences. Born in Alabama, and currently living in Nashville, Anderson is extremely aware of his surrounding country roots but combines this foundation with heavy dashes of jazz and rock. And R&B. And gospel.

    Before donning the moniker of Anderson East, Anderson released a full album under the name Mike Anderson and then gradually began playing more shows under his pseudonym. The sequence of self released records built up to what will soon be Anderson's first album since signing with Elektra. Delilah, which comes out later in the month, gives the soulful artist a reason to tour the country with artists such as Brandi Carlile and The Lone Bellow.

    Anderson's classic raspy voice paired with upbeat drum flares and the Southern R&B from his previous album have led to much anticipation for new music. The only song released thus far from Delilah is a track titled "Devil In Me." If the full album has the same personality that oozes out of "Devil In Me," fans are in for a real treat and some easy-listening tunes. Stay tuned for our exclusive session with Anderson East coming out soon.

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