T.G.I.Mixtape 115 Curated By Milagres
    • FRIDAY, JULY 08, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Fraser McCulloch of Milagres recently threw a few tracks our way, and they are more solid insurance that the summer jams will just keep coming. The Brooklyn based musician has amassed quite a collection of lazy-bass-heavy songs guaranteed to be the perfect soundtrack to your caipirinha consumption. Treading on hot pavement? Get poolside, ASAP.

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    1. "Summer's Cauldron" - XTC - Skylarking

    The perfect start to my summer day (of unemployment). If I could, I would pick this entire XTC album ("Skylarking") as I don't know if there is a more "summer-y" album in existence. Upbeat and slightly psychedelic, in its own 80s style. Synthesized cicada and cricket noises included.

    2. "Roots Train" - Junior Marvin - Police & Thieves

    Better known for "Police and Thieves", but this is my favorite Junior Murvin cut. A tight, rocksteady groove and Lee Perry phasing the hell out of the track; what's not to love? If your answer is "heavy effects processing", you may wish to skip the next song too.

    3. "Burning Of The Midnight Lamp" - Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland

    Maybe everyone's summer should involve giant purple flowers that talk to you of peace while you walk down a street of multicolored bricks. Wait, what? Yeah... loneliness is such a drag.

    4. "Mambo Sun" - T.Rex - Electric Warrior

    Eric disparagingly refers to T. Rex as "sex rock." He's not wrong. But shouldn't every summer involve some sex and rock'n'roll? I think "Mambo Sun" provides an appropriate soundtrack to your teenage indiscretions.

    5. "Dreadlock Holiday" - 10cc - The Very Best Of 10 CC

    Supposedly about the lead singer from The Moody Blues' vacation to Jamaica. He gets robbed and hassled by the locals. If I saw the lead signer from The Moody Blues vacationing in Brooklyn, I would also give him a hard time. No matter how much he says he likes cricket.

    6. "Peaches" - The Stranglers - Rattus Norvegicus

    The crude tale of adolescent boys on the beach and their prime interest—eating healthy fruits. You can feel the gross sweat dripping down this one. Also, a fun bass riff that I seem to always end up soundchecking with.

    7. "Annie I'm Not Your Daddy" - Kid Creole and The Coconuts - Wise Guy

    This is where we put on our palm tree adorned silk shirts and go out to the Miami nightclubs. If you found yourself living this lifestyle in the 1980s, you may also be able to relate to the lyrical content of the song. Congratulations!

    8. "Much Mungo/Mt. Elga" - Harry Nilsson - Pussy Cats

    The perfect end to a summer's day. Nestled in one of my favorite Nilsson albums ("Pussy Cats"), this song is as relaxing as it gets. Have Lennon pour you a Brandy Alexander and it's good night.

    -Fraser McCulloch

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