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    • THURSDAY, JULY 08, 2010

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    Photos by Joe Puglisi. For more shows, check out our photo section

    An air conditioning malfunction last night at our Guest Apartment with Holly Miranda (put on with Brooklyn Vegan and Littlefield) could be considered either a blessing or a curse... but the engagement of the sweaty, pseudo-delirious audience members, mixed with fans blowing the performer's hair in epic directions seemed to suggest the former. Sure, it was a little steamy, but for the hundreds of people that showed up to experience the unique filming, it gave a determined sense of comradery. Holly summed it up nicely; "after this, we'll all take a nice cold shower... together."

    Holly seems to know how to sum a few things up, thumbing through tunes both intense and inviting as the night wore on, talking about life and friends amidst cries of enjoyment and love. She felt it appropriate to debut some new songs, including the excellent closing number "Singular Acceptance", which included a bit of audience participation. A few guests circled in and out like spectres, a song each for her friend the songwriter, one with a violinist, and one with several friends jangling sleigh bells. Her backup band ripped through the set, soaked through by the end with a combination of working hard and playing harder in the Brooklyn heat.

    Don't let her stature fool you, Holly has a both a violently pretty face and a emotionally satiated voice, filled with texture. There was no shortage of rocking and wailing, adding a warm electricity into the already humid air. This warmth, however, was more than welcomed by the crowd.

    Stay tuned for the full concert shoot. In the meantime, check out our pictures, and some more pictures over at BV by our friend David Andrako. -joe puglisi

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    Pictures: Holly Miranda at Littlefield

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