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    • THURSDAY, JULY 08, 2010

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    Balkan Beat Box have some sort-of-kind-of new tunes out. Their third album Blue Eyed Black Boy dropped in April, and is, put simply, freakin sweet. The band includes two former members of Gogol Bordello, and their name says it all. Coming from Israel, they have strong influences in balkan folk and brass, while now based in Brooklyn, they combine that with reggae and hip-hop, an amazing melding of styles.

    The track "War Again" is incredibly tight, and one of the most energized songs on the album. It has a lot in common with Balkan Beat Box's older music, but also some definite shift in sound. The vocals are a lot more prominent and aggressive, making it sound more western-contemporary, but the traditional horns still jump out and bring you back to the band's roots. Check out the mp3 below. -selden paterson

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    MP3: "War Again"
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