Jet Makes a Surprising Return with... EDM Music?
    • FRIDAY, JULY 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Jake Holzman

    Australian rockers Jet disbanded five years ago, having released just three studio albums and one wildly popular song (the inescapable "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?"). Today, they made a surprise return. The term "surprise," in this case, does not so much refer to the fact that the band came back at all, but rather how they stepped back into the limelight.

    The band put out a new "double single" today, titled "My Name is Thunder," which was recorded in collaboration with the Italian electronic group The Bloody Beetroots.

    You're probably scratching your head at that, so here's a simpler explanation: there are two version of the single, one is a straightforward Jet rock song, and the other is an EDM track with rock elements (or is it a rock track with EDM elements?… whatever, you get the idea).

    Even with the unlikely EDM additions, Jet sounds exactly like you remember them (take that as you will). This is one of those singles that you're going to either love for its shamelessly meaningless lyrics and old-school AC/DC-tinged guitar riffs, or think that it's totally uninspired because of its… well, because of its shamelessly meaningless lyrics and old-school AC/DC-tinged guitar riffs. Check out both versions of the single, and decide for yourself. Regardless of how you feel about it, though, one thing's for sure: Jet is back, and no amount of electronic instrumentation can disguise the fact that they haven't changed a bit.

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