Coldplay's New Song 'A L I E N S' is Actually Very Good
    • FRIDAY, JULY 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Gus Mirabella

    Coldplay is still one of the biggest acts in the world. Throughout the 2000s, Chris Martin and Co. dominated the charts and our hearts with one pop classic after another. This decade, however, hasn't been as kind—at least not from a critical perspective. Mylo Xyloto (2011), Ghost Stories (2014) and A Head Full of Dreams (2015) simply do not compare to their four full-length predecessors. But perhaps, the fire is back in Coldplay's belly.

    is their forthcoming EP, meant to accompany their last LP, A Head Full of Dreams. We've already heard three of the five tracks and excitingly, two are really good. "All I Can Think About Is You" is a slow building opener reminiscent of Radiohead. "Hypnotised" is a pretty, albeit fairly innocuous slide guitar ballad. Aaaaaand because nothing is perfect, there's "Something Just Like This." The collaborative track with The Chainsmokers, who sadly need no introduction, is objectively pretty bad. When Chris Martin sings "I want something just like this" as a vomit-inducing Chainsmokers drop comes in, he could not have possibly been referring to this song. But hey, two for three is still pretty good!

    Today, we have the fourth track from the EP: "A L I E N S." Co-written and co-produced by Brian Eno, "A L I E N S" takes a relatively experimental turn. The upbeat track features weird synth sounds, heavily effected guitars and dramatic strings. Meanwhile, Chris Martin's unmistakable vocals keep the pop elements inherent to Coldplay alive and well. Like all Kaleidoscope songs released thus far, "A L I E N S" arrived along with a beautiful lyric video. The lyrics speak of the alien, far away from home, that "just wants to get home again." The song seems to encourage acceptance, and if the lyrics and video aren't clear with the message, than Coldplay's activity surrounding the release of "A L I E N S" should be.

    "A L I E N S" was released immediately following Coldplay's performance at Global Citizen Festival Germany, an activist-driven festival for which Chris Martin serves as the creative director. Following suit, the conclusion to the video noted that all proceeds from the song will go to Migrant Offshore Aid Station, an organization that rescues migrants and refugees from the Mediterranean. Yay Coldplay for being awesome dudes!

    Sans the horrendous collaboration with the Chainsmokers, Kaleidoscope is set to be a really solid EP and a surefire improvement on A Head Full of Dreams. "A L I E N S" shows that Coldplay can change things up a bit and still be themselves. It remains to be seen whether or not "Miracles (Someone Special)" will see the light of day before the full EP is released next week, but we already have a preview of sorts. A song titled "Miracles" was recorded for the film Unbroken and was featured as a bonus track on the Japanese release of A Head Full of Dreams. The Kaleidoscope version, somewhat incredibly features hip-hop artist Big Sean…so, we'll see how that is!

    Look out for Kaleidoscope drop next Friday on Parlophone.

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