SONG OF THE DAY: 'Happy' by Mitski
    • THURSDAY, JULY 07, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    New York-based indie rock artist Mitski released her fourth studio album, Puberty 2 last month and it's been on repeat for us ever since. We've featured her before but because we can't stop listening, we thought we'd pick one of our favorite tracks off her latest album. It was challenging, but we finally ended up choosing "Happy."

    We chose it because it's the first track on the album and it perfectly encapsulates the ongoing theme of struggling to find happiness. It also helps set the conceptual tone for the rest of the record. Although the song is called "Happy," the story behind it is the complete opposite:

    "I was in the bathroom, I didn't hear him leave
    I locked the door behind him and I turned around to see
    All the cookie wrappers and the empty cups of tea
    Well I sighed and mumbled to myself again, I have to clean."

    Mitski is demonstrating her strong songwriting skills perfectly here, as she's not afraid to get very specific, literal and truly tell a story. After having an intimate moment, the man in her bedroom leaves her while she takes a quick trip to the bathroom and lo and behold, when she comes back, he's gone. It's reminiscent of St. Vincent's Annie Clark both melodically and sonically. The video even follows around a mistreated housewife with a retro aesthetic, similar to Clark's strange "Cruel" released back in 2011.

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