The Sparkling Pop Vibrancy Of Jane Decker
    • TUESDAY, JULY 07, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    My secret shame in life is how much I love 80s/90s dance pop. Whitney Houston, Savage Garden, Wilson's a major problem. And the love I feel for contemporary acts who aren't ashamed to channel these influences is immense. It's been a couple years since they released new tunes but in 2013, I was all aboard the Haim hype-train, and if they aren't the world's biggest Wilson Philips fans, I don't know who is. And with a sound that combines the warm alt-pop sing-alongs of Haim with the danceable electronic influences of Charlie XCX, Jane Decker has officially joined my list of starlets to watch.

    We're premiering the former The Voice starlet's newest track, "Higher," and it is a pure pop delight. With shimmering synths, a titanic chorus, and sparkling pop melodies, "Higher" wears its 90s-touched influences with pride, but it casts enough of a modern spell to be more than a simple retread. This is the sort of song that you blast on a rooftop party in the hopes of getting a miniature dance party going. I'll have to test that theory out the next time I'm at a party.

    "Higher" is featured on Decker's new Stonewallin' EP which can be purchased here.

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