My Dead Air's Taste of the 70s on 'Holding On'
    • TUESDAY, JULY 07, 2015

    • Posted by: Patrick Pilch

    Hot on the heels of his success with the overseas-chart topping pop rock group Until June, Dan Ballard preps his debut LP from his latest project, My Dead Air. After two EPs under My Dead Air, Ballard is set to release his first full length The Thief Who Knows My Name. The album contains songs based off of ten different coming of age stories, childhood memories, and significant experiences that document the noteworthy events that have occurred over Ballard's lifetime.

    We luckily got the chance to ask the LA native a few questions about his upcoming album, along with his influences and his latest disco-tinged single, "Holding On." Check out the single and our Q&A below:

    Can your fans expect any new stylings/sounds on the LP that differentiate it from your previous EPs?

    The album I think keeps some of the airy moments from previous EPs but also explores what I think are more ethereal background vocals, more washy guitars and is more focused at the same time. I'm more proud of this work than anything else I've done.

    Your new song "Holding On" has a super bright and lackadaisical tone; was your intention to write a track that cheerful?

    When I started writing "Holding On," it started off having a significantly darker feeling. I remember the day it changed. I'm not much of a drummer but I was playing with some different ideas by myself. More disco-esque beats just for fun. It hit me and I thought, "THIS IS IT!" I hired Aaron Sterling (John Mayer's drummer). My good friend Dallas Kruse arranged the strings and a lot of the instrumentation and from then on out it morphed in to this lackadaisical upbeat song which I'm quite proud of.

    What are you ready for the music world to know about you with your debut LP?

    I'm really proud of this LP, its a very personal one. All songs are based on specific stories of my life and I hope everyone finds some enjoyment out of listening to them.

    The whimsical aspects of "Holding On" really evokes a California vibe; how much do you think LA and your surroundings have influenced your music?

    I absolutely believe that one's surroundings effect them in all aspects of life especially artistically. Where I live, the music I listen to and the place I recorded my record (In an old basement off Pacific Coast Highway in Southern California) all helped shape the sound and feeling of the record. My studio happens to be a very lively sounding room; it's all concrete. A lot of the ethereal sounds on the record came from the fact it was recorded in a big concrete room with a lot of room mics. A lot of songs were written in that rooms as well.

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