MP3: Pallers
    • THURSDAY, JULY 07, 2011

    • Posted by: Gabby Green

    The Stolkholm based electronic indie duo of Pallers has just released a free MP3 for their newest song, "Come Rain, Come Sunshine". Pallers is set to release their debut LP, Sea of Memories September 27, 2011. "Come Rain, Come Sunshine" glows with the luster of instrumental beats and the phosphorescence of their vocals.

    This dizzying track conjures up feeling of mellow days as well as energetic nights, a duality that is rarely executed this well. The synths used are refined and stripped down to a clean sound, while somehow Pallers manage to create a sound that is pieced together with a variety of instruments and beats. We suggest you definitely download this melancholic dance beat that offers an enticing look at what else Pallers have up their sleeve.

    Download the track here.

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