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    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 07, 2010

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    The atmosphere at Music Hall Of Williamsburg was thick; like a down blanket, or a warm piece of cake, or any number of your favorite comfortable things. That could probably be attributed to the lush harmonies and textures of Mumford and Sons, a group of musicians (and not a family owned apothecary) who knocked several out of the park during this sold-out show earlier this Spring. From the schizophrenic instrument swaps to the bass-drum heavy foot-stomping tunes, Mumford and Sons produce a slice of music that is both wonderful and intrinsically dashing...and our cameras were there to prove it.

    Our latest exclusive slice of concert performance features a sold-out crowd chanting every word before a band sporting a few coordinated vests...because, as they admitted to us a few hours before the show, they are just British. Add charming and humanizing to the list. The band is as humble as their lyricism, which seems to effortlessly function as a empathetic connection to the audience. I harp on sincerity as the main ingredient in successful music, and they deliver to your door, ON TIME. The soaring crescendos of "White Blank Page", or the fever of "Little Lion Man", for example, swell the spirit and stir the senses. It's tough to claim such songs as detached or anonymous, especially with a room full of people connecting and projecting them onto their own lives.

    Here is your chance to project it onto your life. It's our latest concert, and it's one of the most spectacular shows we have ever had the privilege to film.

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    Mumford & Sons Play The Music Hall of Williamsburg

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