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    • MONDAY, JULY 07, 2008

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    North Carolina, besides being the stereotypical American south, littered with Waffle Houses and the Confederate flag, has given us some gems. This includes the six piece indie-pop band Annuals. Along the veins of Animal Collective meets Arcade Fire, they channel all the whimsical journeying of experimental pop, with a twinge of the driving force at the heart of bands like Broken Social Scene. Since 2003 they've delivered a breed of layers and tunes that haunt us as much as they deliver a powerful pop aesthetic.

    Adam Barker started the group as a side project to his other band (Sunfold). This is in no way an indication of the clout of either group). Annuals has appeared on the wires, as well as right here on Baeble. And from what we understand, they are all pretty young... low twenties, which makes their blog band status and song writing savvy even more impressive (how old is Win Butler anyway?). Annuals has been at it for a while, and after stints on late night and internet buzz, they've established themselves as an indie rock player.

    Their most recent effort, Wet Zoo, sounds great, even though the tracking is split between Annuals and sister band Sunfold. The band has only two tracks to speak their minds, but they culminate in some beautiful strings and lush layers. We've got one of the tracks for you right here. Catch them at Siren Fest. -joe puglisi

    Upcoming Annuals shows
    7/19 - Siren Fest - Brooklyn, NY

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    MP3: Annuals:: “Sore” - Wet Zoo EP
    Annuals on Myspace

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