THROWBACK THURSDAY: Foster the People Live in Brooklyn
    • THURSDAY, JULY 06, 2017

    • Posted by: Jake Holzman

    Ever since Foster the People debuted in 2011 with their insanely catchy album Torches, they've built up a large fanbase for themselves that, understandably, cannot wait for the latest news about Mark Foster's talented indie pop band. Thankfully, later this month, they'll be releasing their eagerly anticipated third album, Sacred Hearts Club. And, in celebration of the new album, we're throwing it back to one of our most popular concerts: Foster the People Live in Brooklyn!

    This concert was recorded before the band's second album, Supermodel, was released, so it only features songs from Torches. However, that should only be representative of how great Foster the People's music has been right from the very start, because every performance in this concert is fantastic. It's nearly impossible not to tap your foot to songs like "Call it What You Want," "Houdini," and "Life on the Nickel." It seems like Foster the People simply never runs out of infectious hooks or creative ideas, because all of these songs are memorable in their own ways. Their music is also incredibly ambitious, clever, and emotional. Even a love song like "I Would Do Anything For You" is dressed up in kooky sounds and, of course, Mark Foster's unique vocal performance. Then there's the catchy "Don't Stop (Color on the Walls)," which sounds like the twisted fantasy of an insane child (Mark Foster's crazy laughter at the end of the performance really drives that idea home). The band has tremendous showmanship, too. Every show they play is exuberant and thrilling. Mark Foster himself is a fantastic frontman. He moves around the stage with tons of energy and enthusiasm, making it clear that his biggest concern is whether or not the audience is having a good time.

    And, of course, their biggest hit yet, "Pumped Up Kicks," sounds even better live than it does on the recording, but that should be no surprise to fans who are familiar with Foster the People's live shows!

    So, with all this in mind, be sure to revisit this classic concert with us as we all patiently await the release of Sacred Hearts Club on July 21! Also, check out the lyric video for their new song "Loyal Like Sid & Nancy" below, in case you need more proof that the band's still got it.

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