6 Songs to Set the Mood For International Kissing Day
    • THURSDAY, JULY 06, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    As you may have seen, today is International Kissing Day. For those of you with a special someone, that means a chance to do something you probably usually do, except that today it's special, it's in celebration! If you don't have that special someone but are still looking to celebrate the day, don't worry, I have songs for you too. So get your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your friend or that cute stranger (as long as they're cool with it) and go for the smooch. And don't forget to set the mood with the right playlist, because everything's better with music!

    1. "Best I Ever Had" - Drake

    Right from the beginning of the song, Drake's classic "Best I Ever Had" sets the mood with that sliding bass and the piano runs. This song is the kind of song you turn the lights down to, and maybe even light a candle or two. "Best I Ever Had" is practically meant for a day like this, and Drake even explicitly acknowledges it at the end of the song, saying "See, this the type of joint you gotta dedicate to somebody, just make sure they that special somebody."

    2. "I Wanna Be Yours" - Arctic Monkeys

    "I Wanna Be Yours" is one of my all-time favorite Arctic Monkeys songs. Everything about the song, from the lyrics to the echoing guitars to the slow, steady pace, is full of longing. Something about this song always reminds me of the desert, so I feel like getting to kiss someone to this song would effectively be like finding a cool drink of water in the middle of the desert. Which is to say, it would be pretty satisfying.

    3. "Special Affair" - The Internet

    The second the song starts you can just feel it, this is a make-out song. That bass line is so sensual, and as always, Syd's voice is chill, sweet, and incredibly enticing. "Special Affair" is about a one-night stand, so if that's your preferred method of celebration, go ahead and play this song. In fact, their whole album Ego Death is filled with similar chill vibes, so you can definitely branch out from "Special Affair" if you're feeling especially saucy on International Kissing Day.

    4. "Feel OK" - GIRLI

    "Feel OK" is the kind of song you'd want to play as you kiss someone at a party. Most of GIRLI's songs capture the experience of being a young person just trying to have fun, and "Feel OK" is one of those. The song works well because the beat is still danceable, but the vibe is right for catching the attention of a cute stranger and going where the moment takes you. So if your Thursday night plans involve any type of partying, be sure to request this song.

    5. "Babygirl (feat. Uffie)" - Charli XCX

    "Babygirl" is such a great summer song in general - I've been listening to it on repeat for the past couple weeks. The song somehow sounds very beachy - you can almost hear the ocean when you listen to it. You can even almost see the sand and the sunset. This song provides a nice casual vibe for anyone who wants to celebrate International Kissing Day, but maybe doesn't want to do the whole making out for hours thing.

    6. "Plz Don't Go (feat. Jhené Aiko)" - Cashmere Cat

    Jhené Aiko's voice is in itself so seductive, and then with Cashmere Cat's production, the song is a perfect blend of chill and compelling. "Plz Don't Go" could fit into so many different situations - chilling with friends, getting cozy with one person in particular, or even choosing to forgo International Kissing Day altogether and having a nice listening session by yourself. Whatever your style, Cashmere Cat's "Plz Don't Go" is sure to set a great atmosphere.

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