• WEDNESDAY, JULY 06, 2016

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    Syd Arthur is one of those rare bands that only need about five seconds of play time to hook you in and keep you listening for hours. Don't believe me? Check out "Sun Rays", the band's newest single in off of their forthcoming album, Apricity, out October 21.

    This bouncing track can be best described as 'psychedelia with synths', filled with plenty of instrumental layering, syncopated beats, and sweet guitar licks to impress both musical virtuosos and casual listeners who just want to dance. The laid-back vocals invite a relaxed feel and sound, while the powerful drums and fuzzed-out synths demand your attention.

    By the end of the track, the song builds to a dramatic and glorious explosion of sound, with singer Liam Magill repeating the lyrics, "Said its gonna be alright," this track is a bright and catchy enough for summer hangouts, road trips, and chill sessions, so be sure listen to "Sun Rays" above.

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