BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: Wolves by Alexa Wilding
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 06, 2016

    • Posted by: Jacob Swindell-Sakoor

    Alexa Wilding is a folk musician based in New York and she makes music thats perfect for hot and hazy summer nights. Wilding's latest single, "Wolves" is the title track from her EP of the same name and centers on her insecurities as she addresses her lover. Much of the album is about overcoming self-doubt and those inevitable moments in life when we are forced to make difficult choices under impossible circumstances. Wilding's latest effort has resulted in ethereal, organic soundscapes imbued with deeply personal lyrical content.

    When asked to speak on Wolves Wilding said:

    "Because I wrote 'Wolves' under scary circumstances, for my own escape, unsure if it would ever leave my head, I poured my heart into it unlike any of my other albums. I mined memory for the stories I vowed never to share, and I took the time to play with melody and arrangements until I got every note just right. Yet despite the private nature of its origins, this is the record I am most excited to share with the world. Sharing it feels like such a luxury, and I am forever grateful to be here, as a mother, musician and storyteller. Onward!" - Alexa Wilding

    For those that need their folk fix this summer and want a song that harkens to Alexa Wilding's inspiration, Stevie Nicks, look no further, stream her EP above and get Wolves when it drops this Friday, July 8th.

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