Rumor Has It Adele Will Name Her Baby...
    • FRIDAY, JULY 06, 2012

    • Posted by: Zoe Marquedant

    About a week ago, Adele announced on her website that she is pregnant. The statement read, "I'm delighted to announce that Simon and I are expecting our first child together. I wanted you to hear the news direct from me, obviously were over the moon and very excited but please respect our privacy at this precious time. Yours always, Adele xx" It was made conveniently after the evening additions, so the announcement stayed out of the tabloids for a short time and did in fact for many actually come from Adele. Now that we know, it is our responsibility as the collective internet to speculate what this baby is going to be named. The public loves naming things -- celebrity couples (TomCat), severe weather (Snowpocalypse), and anything else we hear about. Here are my thoughts. Adele: feel free to use any of them.

    1. Adele or Simon Jr.

    Maybe Baby Adele may actually be called Baby Adele Adkins. Or Baby Simon, after the baby's father. Adele has taken the whole I-go-by-one-name thing and ran with it. Honestly, I didn't know she had a last name. I thought she was like Barbie or Madonna. So after making a name for herself, maybe she'll pass it on and we'll see an Adele II? Or Adele Jr.? Or Simon Jr.? Or some hybrid of the two...Si-dele....Cidel...Ad-mon...Ad...ok maybe not that last one.

    2. Blue

    Adele might take a page out of the Jay-Z and Beyonce baby book and name the baby "Blue ______". Think Blue Ivy, but with a more english sounding plant. Blue heather, or Blue english rose or Blue queen anne's lace. Actually now that I think about it, Adele's full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, so blue would be a family name and not just a color. This could actually work!

    3. 24

    Adele seems to like naming things after numbers, more specifically her age. Both her albums 19 and 21 reflect the age she was when writing them. She has had kind of a numbers theme going on in her work, maybe that'll show in her personal life as well. Following that trend, maybe it will be Baby 24. Or since you have to tack on 9 months, maybe Baby 25?

    4. Ella

    Earlier this year in a 60 Minutes interview Adele mentioned Ella Fitzgerald as an early influence. Maybe she'll pay homage to the legend by naming her kid Ella? Zakk Wylde, of the Black Label Society, just named his baby Sabbath, after Ozzy Osbourne's Black Sabbath. On that note, she could also name the baby Fitzgerald, which will almost guarantee it will get beat up on the playground, so maybe not.

    5. Baby [Insert TV Character Here]?

    After the Friends baby was named Emma, there was a spike in babies named Emma. Similarly everyone named their baby Mason after Kourtney Kardashian's son. So if someone on Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad pops out a kid between now and the due date, maybe they'll share names with baby Adele.

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