The New Rebecca Black?
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 06, 2011

    • Posted by: Gabby Green

    Patrice Wilson, the man who brought us Rebecca Black's "Friday," strikes again, only to make an even worse and less entertaining creation. His new underage muse Lexi St. George has just released the music video for "Dancing To The Rhythm", a "banger" that isn't even ironically humorous.

    Lexi St. George doesn't deliver the same monotonous account of her daily routine, and doesn't go through any seemingly difficult decisions, such as choosing between the safety of the backseat or the fun of the front seat. "Dancing To The Rhythm" tries harder to actually sound like a decent song and if for that reason alone, it is worse than the pure so-horrible-it's funny genius of "Friday". On top of it all, for a girl begging for us to "dance to the rhythm with her," Lexi St. George certainly does make it look difficult. Pass judgement for yourself (but not TOO much judgement, lest we live with the positive backlash for eons to come).

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