Hear a New Phil Selway Song
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 06, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Radiohead's drummer Phil Selway released his solo album of folksy pluck last year, titled Familial. While many didn't know what portmanteau genre to expect from Selway, given his subtle contribution to one of rocks most chameleon-like acts (electroblip? Synth and roll? Rock-hop?), the final product wasn't half-bad! Comparing Selway to the poetic unease of Thom Yorke or the mentally-debilitating riffs of Jonny Greenwood is patently unfair, and given the humongous shoes of his parent act, Familial far exceeded our expectations for Selway. So we're psyched to announce: a few spare cuts didn't make the record, and Selway rerecorded them with a full band. The new tracks will manifest in the form of an EP called Running Blind, out 7/25 in the UK via Bella Union (sorry, I mean 25/7). Hear the title track below.

    Running Blind
    1. What Goes Around
    2. Every Spit and Cough
    3. Running Blind
    4. All in All

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