Album Review: Beyonce
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 06, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Beyonce has already demonstrated longevity, power, and prowess, so what's next? The one-time 90s R&B idol, front-woman for the powerhouse known as Destiny's Child and creator of she-anthems like "Single Ladies" and "Irreplaceable", and who could even try to forget a smash like "Crazy In Love?" Beyonce has accomplished more than most singers could ever hope, and tamed hip hop's most notorious mogul (Jay-Z, who once had 99 problems, most notably excluding a "lady" as one of them). Ferociously beautiful, rhythmic, capable, and with pipes like a thousand-year-old church organ, Beyonce has nothing left to prove. That's precisely why we receive her unadulterated interests on 4, and precisely why the record has been dubbed everything from "perfect" to "polarizing"—it's a passion project.

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