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    • TUESDAY, JULY 06, 2010

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    We're baaaaaaack! In America we had a holiday to celebrate and do the things we do best (overeat, drink like fish, and blow stuff up). Let's see what our friends in music were up to while we recover from our food comas, hangovers, and battle scars. It's Monday! Right?

    The Strokes delayed their album to March 2011.

    Haha. 2011, when pigs are flying, etc. [via CoS]

    Trent Reznor is scoring a movie about Facebook.

    WHUTTTT? I hope it's a solid look at the societal impacts of the site and not a thriller along the lines of One Missed Call. Note this is NOT a documentary (judging by the trailer).

    "When I actually read the script and realized what [director David Fincher] was up to, I said goodbye to that free time I had planned," Reznor blogged on NIN.com. "Speaking of the film... it's really f'ing good. And dark!"

    The film impacts in October. World to end shortly after. [via Digital Music News]

    Jelly NYC announced their Pool Party lineup.

    See the list here.

    Final verdict? They should have stuck with the fake one. Not gonna lie, I might go to that Brooklyn Bowl block party though. LOVE that place.

    ALSO: I hear Liz Phair raps on her new album? ?uestlove is forming a new band with Amy Winehouse? MIA wants to write/produce for Jay Z and make the potentially most infuriating album in history? It's a hot one in New York, so expect the crazy to come out on the blog! More iced coffee! Let's listen to some rap music! America! -joe puglisi

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