WTF WEEKLY: Kanye Leaves Tidal, Fyre Fest Founder Arrested + MORE
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 05, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    1. Kanye West left Tidal.

    Pretty sure I am the only person who is shocked by this, but Yeezy has finally left the nest. Jay-Z just dropped his highly anticipated album 4:44 last week (it was only highly anticipated for me because I figured once it was out, all of the billboards plastered around New York would go away) and in it he addresses his relationship with Beyonce post-being an unfaithful little shell of a man and cheating. He also addresses his relationship with former friend/business partner/collaborator, Kanye. On "Kill Jay Z" he says, "But this 'fuck everybody' attitude ain't natural / But you ain't the same, this ain't KumbaYe / But you got hurt because you think KumbaYe / You gave him 20 million without thinkin' / He gave you 20 minutes on stage, fuck was he thinkin'? / 'Fuck wrong with everybody?' is what you sayin' / But if everybody's crazy, you're the one that's insane." Uh, yeah. Between all of the "fucks" and calling Yeezy insane, I'd say Jay is mad. Rich, but also mad.

    This feud is because of -- you guessed it -- money. If you don't remember, at the end of last year, Kanye went a bit crazy on stage, calling out Jay-Z and Bey. A source told TMZ, "Kanye has been unhappy with the company for a long time. We're told Kanye has complained the company owes him money -- more than $3 million." Their lawyers went back and forth trying to work it out but apparently they couldn't, which is pretty shitty for Jay-Z because Kanye's 2016 album The Life of Pablo brought in 1.5 million new Tidal subscribers. Kanye should have gotten a bonus for that but did not. Why you gotta let one of your strongest assets slip away because of something so fixable, Jay? Like I mentioned above, we all know you're super rich. Quit it with the sketchy stuff like not paying your partners and forcing people to sign up for Sprint -- because #TBH, that sounds like a whole new lawsuit waiting to happen.

    According to Kanye, he was also supposed to get paid for some cool video content but Tidal says that video content was never received. They also said Kanye will be sued if he moves to another streaming service, but then Kanye said he'll counter-sue. Congrats, Kim Kardashian! You're about to have a whole lot more money for that plastic surgery you've had your eye on!

    2. Fyre Festival Founder Billy McFarland has been arrested.

    What happens when you charge thousands of dollars for a ticket to a fake festival? You get arrested! We all remember what happened with the total monstrosity that is -- or was -- Fyre Fest. Basically, a bunch of rich people paid big bucks to go to a festival that was marketed as a dream. It took place on an island in the Bahamas, featured an equally wonderful lineup of both music and food, and was supposed to be nothing but pure, unadulterated luxury… Until the attendees showed up to a deserted island with nothing to eat but a slice of white bread and American cheese (not even assembled together to form a sandwich). You can't make this stuff up, folks.

    Now the founder of the event, Billy McFarland, is paying the price of a life time: JAIL. Up to 20 years of it, although sources are saying he probably won't have to do all of that. According to The Huffington Post, McFarland got investors to give him over a million dollars with fake documents. "McFarland also is accused of telling investors that the company earned millions of dollars from artist bookings using his company's app, even though his company earned less than $60,000, and of showing an investor an altered image that said he owned shares of a stock worth $2.5 million when his share was valued at less than $1,500, according to federal charges."

    According to Dlisted, "Billy, his co-founder Ja Rule, and the assorted "models" he recruited to lure people to his island of terror in advertising and on social media have already been hit with a $100 million dollar class action suit. Formerly relevant rapper Ja Rule hasn't been charged with anything yet." Maybe Jay-Z can step in and lend everyone some money.

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    3. Ed Sheeran quit Twitter because Lady Gaga's fans are literal monsters.

    On Sunday, our favorite guitar-loopin', body shape-lovin' singer Ed Sheeran admitted in an interview with The Sun that he hated all of the hate he had been receiving on Twitter, so because of that, he quit. Apparently he started receiving all of this hate when Gaga's fans thought he was throwing shade at the singer in an interview, even though he totally wasn't. Now we know where they got their fan name from.

    Don't be fooled, his Twitter is still there, he just doesn't read his feed or physically tweet anymore. Instead, it now looks like one of those horrible accounts that I never follow because every tweet is actually just a link to an Instagram post. So I guess that means he didn't receive any hate on Instagram. It makes sense, the ‘Gram is a beautiful place filled with on-brand aesthetics and no bad vibes. I don't blame him. He told The Sun, "I've actually come off Twitter completely. I can't read it. I go on it and there's nothing but people saying mean things. Twitter's a platform for that. One comment ruins your day. But that's why I've come off it. The head-fuck for me has been trying to work out why people dislike me so much."

    Luckily for Ed, Lady Gaga is the chillest lady ever and immediately remedied the whole situation by posting a selfie of the two on Instagram, basically telling her fans to chill the hell out. It feels like she's our mother and she's telling us, her 10 year old daughter, that we're being a bully and need to stop it before all the other kids on the playground come together and pick us last for their kickball team in gym class. And look, Ed is throwing up two thumbs! See, everything's okay!

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