Here's Why You Need To Listen To Shakey Graves
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 05, 2017

    • Posted by: Caroline Bojarski

    You probably spent this past weekend reveling in your prolonged freedom from work, juggling BBQ invites, and competing with your neighbors to see who could give the most impressive pyrotechnic display permitted by your state of residence. You probably also spent part of this weekend starting a free trial of Tidal -- or renewing the subscription you cancelled after your sketchy friend found you a pirated version of Lemonade -- so you could listen to 4:44. If you're still recovering from the four day weekend while also grappling with the fact that you are a new Sprint customer and have added yet another automatic monthly charge to your credit card, don't panic. Pop in your headphones, go to any free, online music streaming service, and let Shakey Graves make it all better. If you're now thinking, "Shakey who?", here are five reasons you need to listen to this Texas-born folk/blues master.

    1. His New Music Is Amazing

    On Friday, Shakey released his new, quaintly titled album, Shakey Graves And The Horse He Rode In On. From start to finish, this album is absolutely gorgeous. Shakey's gravely vocals are the centerpiece of songs that range from thought provoking commentaries like "War Horn" to personal love letters such as "Love, Patiently". The album is a compilation of two previous EPs, and includes rare tracks as well as a quirky, rambling joke track called "Clearasil (The Ladies)". If I were taking a road trip in a car with no aux hookup and could only bring one CD for the journey, I would pick this one. No contest.

    2. He Is Ridiculously Good Live

    Shakey Graves is an enthralling performer. His sound is so intense and captivating that you can't believe all the lamenting verses, forceful chords and crackling vocals are coming from one man. He has a relaxed, natural stage presence that makes you feel like you've just stumbled upon an extremely talented street performer, and he frowns and nods with his music as if he is completely unaware that he has an audience. Check out this video of Shakey performing at The Good Music Club for Baeble to see for yourself. Peep the forlorn stare around the 6:30 mark. I think I'm in love.

    3. Bae Alert!

    Shakey Graves is a total cutie. Look at those eyes.

    shakey graves baeble

    That wife beater.

    shakey graves

    And that wife beater tan line.

    shakey graves baeble

    This pic from his Instagram of him in a sumo suit.


    A post shared by Alejandro Rose-Garcia (@shakeygraves) on

    Even his real name is sexy: Alejandro Rose-Garcia.

    4. He Has His Own Holiday

    Shakey's hometown of Austin, Texas has officially declared February 9th "Shakey Graves Day". The holiday will celebrate its seventh anniversary next year and usually includes a concert in Austin featuring Shakey Graves as well as three days of donation based downloads from his BandCamp profile. In addition, some of Shakey's unreleased albums are only available for download in the days surrounding Shakey Graves Day. In case you wanted exclusive music that doesn't require you to switch your cell service provider...

    5. Just Listen To This

    I never thought a Disney song could be anything but nostalgic and slightly annoying, and I certainly never thought a cover of a song from Cinderella could give me chills. But Shakey Graves' rendition of "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" had me on the verge of tears because it was so beautiful. Anyone else would sound cutesy covering this starlight-and-rainbows tune, but Shakey's blues wail gives the song depth and a seriousness that will reassure you that your dreams and wishes can still come true even though you're much older than you were when you first watched Cinderella. My heart is wishing that I could marry Shakey Graves to be honest. Or at least that he will add a New York tour stop in the near future.

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