Chance The Rapper Makes Poetic Magic at NPR Tiny Desk
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 05, 2017

    • Posted by: Kelly Kenlon

    It has finally happened, Chance the Rapper made it to NPR's Tiny Desk! While watching this session I'm sure everyone is wondering the same thing: why didn't they do this earlier? But here he is today, after a couple of mixtapes and a whole lot of success.

    I assumed Chance would perform "Same Drugs," "No Problem," and "Blessings," because those are his biggest songs right now. Why change it up? But then I realized... This is Chance we're talking about. He always brings an original aspect and something new to the table. First he started with "Juke Jam," one of the less popular songs from Coloring Book. Then he swiftly shifted gears and told the audience he would be reading a poem that he had just wrote, and it captivated the audience even more than the songs. He was taking a small chance (see what I did?) by reading it, and it totally worked.

    While reading the poem, titled "The Other Side," to the audience, he was able to laugh at himself when he messed it up the first time. It was about the fact that he will never see himself as a part of a fancy LA lifestyle: "Where a piano was just for decoration" and "I was never awakened by the twisting of a doorknob." He reminds people that this is what the majority of his rap is - or at least what it starts as. Simple words in a verse. Reading his poem created this intimate environment where suddenly he was a lot more than just the unsigned rapper who sings "No Problem" and wears a hat with the number 3 on it.

    After reading his poem, he began another song, which was a cover of Stevie Wonder's "They Won't Go When I Go." Of course, he put his Chance twist on it, with trumpets and his signature rasp. His surprise visit was a great gift.

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