7 Mura Masa Tracks for Every Occasion
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 05, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    Alex Crossan, best known as his stage name Mura Masa, may be young, but he's a definite star in the making. The 21 year old DJ/producer has been making music for years, leading to him developing a large following before he has even released his first official album. Many of these fans were won over by Crossan's massive track "Love$ick" featuring A$AP Rocky which gained widespread popularity early last year. In the time that he has been an active musician, releasing track after track -- bangers, but also songs that don't have the same club-like sound as many songs in his genre do.

    His first large project, Soundtrack to a Death, was released in 2014 and was composed of 14 tracks that featured an abundance of variety in its sound. Mura Masa creates music for a multitude of audiences, and has said that his upcoming debut album Mura Masa will surprise people in how diverse the tracks will sound. Some people prefer that artists stick to a specific sound; however, when it comes to Mura Masa he has already proven that he's capable of creating tracks for every possible occasion. In anticipation of Mura Masa, out on July 14th, we've compiled a list of some of Crossan's tracks to show how he shows up for you for whatever event you may need a song for.

    1. "¥ (money)"

    Lyrically, "¥ (money)" has next to nothing going on with it. It's a chilled-out track which features the phrase "get money" repeated throughout. It doesn't sound like much, but believe it or not this is the perfect payday song. This is the track you would expect to play as soon as you check your balance after your paycheck has been direct deposited into your bank account. I personally relate this to when my financial aid refund is deposited into my account and I get hyped up about how much I have, even if I didn't stop to take into account how much of that is going to have to go towards buying $100 textbooks. Good thing this song is only 3 minutes long because that's pretty much how long my happiness lasts before I have to spend it all and end up broke again.

    2. "I've Never Felt So Good"

    "I've Never Felt So Good" has always been my favorite from Soundtrack to a Death–after I realized how relevant it was to my life, I liked it even more. As a soulful voice sings, "All I need is you in my life," on top of a soft track before going on to say "I've never felt this way ... / I've never felt so good," all I can think of is that feeling you get after you wake up from a much needed nap. Not the usual feeling of when you open your eyes and are suddenly thrown off and confused about where and who you even are; but, when you actually feel well rested and in a good mood. No disoriented thoughts over here, only clear minds and maybe a little drool to wipe off your face because that must have been one hell of a nap.

    3. "Are U There?"

    Whenever I make plans with friends, I try to get everyone on board with meeting up beforehand and traveling to our destination together. I've found that it eliminates the confusion of where we're going, stops everyone from getting to the location at different times, and is better for the environment or something, right? Unfortunately, most of the people I hang out with are never on board for this–because they don't want so and so driving and so and so doesn't want people in their car and blah blah blah. This leads to us all taking different modes of transportation and arriving at different times, and me, due to my crippling fear of being late to anything, arriving way too early and being paranoid that I went to the wrong place. The repetition of "I need to know that you're here with me" in "Are U There?" bears a striking resemblance to the unnecessary amount of texts I've sent to the group chat to make sure I was at the right location.

    4. "SOLE M8S"

    One of the newest Mura Masa tracks to be released, "SOLE M8S" is 6 minutes of captivating sounds. The only lyrics that contribute to the track are "Our souls belong together / I feel it," which may have you thinking that the occasion this track matches up with is falling in love or something super unrealistic like that–but, no. This is the perfect song for when you're somewhere that you don't visit often, perhaps on vacation, and you see someone who you think is the cutest person in the world but you make no effort to talk to them. They may be the one to walk out of the door first, or it may be you who departs, but either way you'll most likely spend the rest of your trip with "SOLE M8S" on repeat wondering what could have been. You'll probably never see them again and you'll account for that in a more sensible way after the track has played for the 6th or 7th time, but every time before that is sure to be spent building an imaginary life in your head with your so called soulmate.

    5. "1 Night"

    Mura Masa enlisted Charli XCX for this track, earning him another spot on the list of way too applicable songs. As Charli sings, "You blew my mind, I wanna rewind" before you dives into a chorus of "It was only one night / but I wanna go back to where we were," the only situation that comes to mind is when you have ridiculously good food for dinner and as soon as you're done you go for more only to realize that there aren't any leftovers. In that moment you start to wish that you had appreciated your meal a bit more instead of shoveling it down so quickly. Sure you could just make it again, but it just wouldn't be the same. An even more heartbreaking take on this: You didn't make the food yourself, but instead you had it at a restaurant. Who's to say that it'll taste as good the second time around as it did the first? And who wants to pay for an entire second plate? I am so completely sure that Charli didn't write this track with last night's chicken alfredo in mind, but if the shoe fits wear it, right?

    6. "All Around The World"

    As I mentioned earlier, many of Mura Masa's tracks aren't really made for the club scene. They flow a lot smoother and slower than what you would expect to hear when you're four drinks in and trying to cut loose at a party on Friday night. Not to worry, though, he does have a few that can assume the role for that scenario. "All Around The World" is a definite party song that really receives life from rapper Desiigner's verses.

    I know what you're thinking: "Finally, a normal scenario." But, nope, you're wrong. This isn't just like every other song you'd hear at a party. This is a track for when your friend drags you to the party of someone you don't know all that well and you're friend is the only person you know there. By the time "All Around the World" begins to play you're standing by the wall innocently nodding along wishing you could dance but your friend has gone off to socialize with other people leaving you stumped and alone. Yikes, sorry, it still bangs–but who is about to start dancing like a fool in the middle of a room full of strangers?

    7. "U"

    Mura Masa gets purely instrumental on "U" for this one. (Ha, get it?) Moving on from my terrible attempt at being comedic, "U" serves as the perfect shower song, but not for the reasons you'd think. This song is made for what I like to call the part 2 to your shower experience. Part 1 would feature tracks like "All Around the World" and "1 Night," songs that get you pumped while you're shampooing your hair and pretending you can hit Adele level high notes. This part of your shower lasts about 15-20 minutes before you tire yourself out and slowly transition into part 2.

    Part 2 encompasses about half an hour of your shower time, at this point you're all clean and you've gotten the shampoo out of your eyes and you're ready to embark on your journey of existential crises. "U" is a great backtrack to you asking yourself what the meaning of life is and what purpose you're meant to serve in the world while your fingers get all prune-y because you probably should have gotten out 30 minutes ago.

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