Get Your Free 'Pet Mouse' Here
    • THURSDAY, JULY 05, 2012

    • Posted by: Zoe Marquedant

    Whenever anyone says "pile of leaves" I instantly think of autumn and rolling around in the leave liter as a kid. In this heat wave it's nice to remember that there is another season besides summer even if it's so far away. Well until fairer weather rolls in, Brooklyn band A Great Big Pile of Leaves is releasing a pretty cool track to hold us over.

    Their single "Pet Mouse" is part of MAD Dragon Records' Making Moves series. MDR is a project by Drexel University, who along with members of Motion City Soundtrack to release work by emerging artists. A Great Big Pile of leaves will released a 7' on July 24th.

    Download "Pet Mouse" here:
    A Great Big Pile of Leaves - Pet Mouse

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